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Aim Archery

Welcome to AIM Archery Club and A.I.M. Archers in Melbourne Inc.

Australia's Premier Indoor Archery Venue. Opened in 2004, AIM Archery is the perfect place for the beginning or even the most experienced Archer. Our range allows you to shoot from 5m up to 60m. Being indoors, you never need to worry about bad weather or bad light! We understand that you are busy with family, work and hobbies. That's why we offer 7 days per week access and opening hours that allow you to not only pre-plan your days but also your evenings. Yes, some nights we are open until 10pm. Come in and enjoy!

For archers interested in :

· FITA / Target Shooting - our Archery Australia/Archery Victoria affiliated club is A.I.M. Archers in Melbourne Inc
· 3D Archery - AIM Archery Club is also affiliated with the 3D Archery Association of Australia

Contact us on (03) 8510 8490 today.

AIM Archery one of Australasia's largest indoor ranges with up to 60m shooting distance!


Our Range

Our club is Melbourne's Premier Indoor Archery Venue. Opened in 2004, AIM Archery is the perfect place to learn archery. Our range allows for shooting up to 30m and being indoor, you never need to worry about bad weather or bad light!

Contact us on (03) 8510 8490 today.

Aim Archery
73 Grange Road
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Aim Archery soon to become Australasia's largest indoor range at up to 60m!

Aim Archery

Intro Lessons

This is more or less a 'come and try' session. It will teach you basic form and how to shoot an arrow at a distance of about 5 to 10m. It is a lot of fun and will give you a good idea about archery in general. Lessons are usually held on a one on one basis but if you are a group or just want some family fun you're just as welcome. The lesson lasts for about an 90 minutes and the cost is $ 35.00 per person. Please book prior (Erich 8510 8490)

Aim Archery

Intro Courses

Our Archery Intro Courses are designed for people that already have made up their mind that archery is a sport or activity they would like to know more about. We teach you all the intricate details of archery, shooting all different types of Bows such as Barebow Recurve, Long Bow, Olympic Style Recurve Bow and Compound Bow. The Course includes 5 sessions of about 90 minutes at a time. There are no set schedules for the Intro Course. We are flexible, so you let us know your most suitable day and time and we try to fit in with you. All Courses are on a one on one basis, however if you have others that wish to do the Course with you, please let us know. The cost for a full intro Course is $ 160.00 per person. Please book prior (Erich 8510 8490)

Aim Archery

Coaching at AIM Archery

At AIM Archery we provide a range of coaching options suitable for beginners to more advanced archers.

We provide individual coaching, group sessions, & children's coaching. All taken by qualified instructors.

Come in and find out more about the coaching services available.

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Archery Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at AIM Archery

Kid’s and Adults Birthday Parties are a definite winner at AIM.

Our Kids Birthday Parties are designed to give children from the age of 6 and up the best of fun over a period of approximately two hours.

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Results for The Vigano Shield Indoor Tournament for 2014 held on the 15th of June.

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Here are the results of the 2014 AIM Indoor Barebow Championship.

A great night was had by all.

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Air Conditioned

Our clubrooms are air-conditioned, so they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

11 December 2011

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