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Become a member of AIM Archery Club.

12 month Membership

Adults - $420.00 plus $45 Aim Club Insurance

Children -  $320.00 plus $35 Aim Club Insurance  

Discounted Family memberships are available.

NOTE: As most beginning Archers will not compete in Tournaments during their first six months and up to a year of their journey in this wonderful sport, nor shoot at other clubs, AIM’s internal Club Insurance will be adequate, you are covered! However if you wish to spread your wings and compete/shoot at other clubs, we will happily register you for a small fee ($20.00) with Archery’s Governing Bodies (Archery Australia and Archery Victoria at a cost of $120/ Adult and $80.00 Child per annum). Of course this will be your choice. 

Contact us or drop in for further details.


Air Conditioned

Our clubrooms are air-conditioned, so they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

11 December 2011

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