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Our Intro Lessons and Courses are designed to teach you all aspects, including safety, shooting form and technique.

Intro Course: 

Our Archery Intro Courses are designed for people that already have made up their mind that archery is a sport or activity they would like to know more about.

We teach you all the intricate details of archery, shooting all different types of Bows such as Barebow Recurve, Long Bow, Olympic Style Recurve Bow and Compound Bow.

The Course includes 5 sessions of about 90 minutes  at a time. There are no set schedules for the Intro Course.

We are flexible, so you let us know your most suitable day and time and we try to fit in with you.

All Courses are on a one on one basis, however if you have others that wish to do the Course with you, please let us know.

The cost for a full intro Course is $ 160.00 per person.

Please book prior (Erich 8510 8490)


Air Conditioned

Our clubrooms are air-conditioned, so they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

11 December 2011

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